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Weekly Clinics at 325 Columbia Street, Hudson

The Health Department is now offering COVID-19 vaccine at its weekly immunization clinics at 325 Columbia Street, First Floor, in Hudson.   Clinics are held every Tuesday from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Every third Tuesday of the month, the immunization clinic runs from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.  COVID-19 vaccine is available at these clinics by appointment or walk-in (you must have an appointment for all other immunizations.  Appointments can be made by calling (518)828-3358, option 4). We expect that Moderna or Johnson & Johnson will be offered at these clinics, and Pfizer will be offered as it is available.  Please call ahead if you would like to check what vaccine is available at any given clinic or visit

June Hudson Walk-up Clinics

Every Wednesday through the month of June, the Health Department will host walk-in clinics at the Salvation Army Community Center, 40 S. 3rd Street, Hudson, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.   There is no registration required for these events.  Photo ID is required.

The Columbia County Department of Health (CCDOH) is committed to providing the COVID-19 Vaccine to every person who resides and/or works in our county. However, the amount of vaccine provided to us each week is beyond our control. Since information has been changing so rapidly, please check back for any updates or changes.

Number of Vaccinations by CCDOH:

1st Shot: As of June 21, 2021 – 10,731
2nd Shot: As of June 21, 2021 – 9,138

Vaccine: Moderna/Pfizer/J&J


  • As announced on February 11, 2021, the CDC and NYS report that asymptomatic fully vaccinated individuals’, meaning those who have received both shots and at least two weeks have passed since the second shot, are no longer required to quarantine if exposed within 90 days after the second shot.
  • IMPORTANT: People are reminded, even after receiving both shots of the vaccine, it is important to continue with coronavirus safety measures – wearing a face mask, frequent hand washing, and physical distancing – to stop the spread of COVID-19.


  • CCDOH is able and ready to give the vaccine to a large number of people when it’s provided by the Federal Government/NYS.
  • So far, an adequate number of 2nd shot vaccine doses have been provided and this effort is going well.
  • As the supply of vaccine is provided by the Federal Government/NYS, CCDOH will use both website appointment registration links and Focused PODs when needed.
  • Under normal circumstances when vaccine supply is received from NYS as expected new website POD appointment registration links will be posted each week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 5pm-6pm. PLEASE understand that on rare occasions due to weather conditions, vaccine supply delays, time restraints or other circumstances, there may be times that require a link be posted on a different day or time.
  • For local COVID-19 information translated in various languages visit the Columbia County Board of Supervisors home page: “Translate Website” upper right corner.

EVERYONE 12+ (Pfizer vaccine):

  • NYS is providing vaccine for CCDOH PODs for anyone who works or resides in Columbia County and is 12+ years old (Pfizer vaccine). Please check the CCDOH website for posted registration links.
  • Additionally, The Federal government/NYS have directed that pharmacies will provide the COVID vaccine for NYS residents as well.
  • Adults and parents/guardians of children 12+ (Pfizer vaccine) are encouraged to also check with their local pharmacy about vaccine appointments available. For pharmacies providing the vaccine in the Capital Region area go to: Specific pharmacies will have their own way to register or make an appointment to get the vaccine. This is not done through CCDOH.
  • Anyone 12+ (Pfizer vaccine) or ANY eligible county resident who is home-bound who can not travel to a pharmacy or POD, or has no access or someone who can assist them with accessing the internet, may call the Columbia County COVID-19 Vaccine Information Line: 518-697-5560, Monday – Friday 9am-4pm. Your information will be taken for possible future mobile POD operations. If you are contacted by a pharmacy or can otherwise obtain the vaccine, you should DO IT. Please don’t feel you have to wait to be contacted by Columbia County, since this may not happen if pharmacies are required to have a plan for visiting homes.


  • If you are a veteran and are (or even if not) a member of Hudson Valley or Albany VA health system, you can obtain information about getting the vaccine from your VA health care provider or from the VA COVID-19 Vaccine Information page: The Hudson Valley VA has set up a COVID-19 Vaccine Line 1-845-838-7668.

NY ALERT COVID-19 Vaccine Information Email:
Columbia County has expanded the use of the NY ALERT mass notification system to include a public information category. This addition will allow people to receive general COVID-19 Vaccine Information. The information provided is non-emergency general information which will be sent via email to those who subscribe to NY ALERT and request COVID-19 Vaccine Information. For details on how to subscribe to this FREE service or alter an existing account visit

You may also contact the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at 1-833-697-4829 or to register for the vaccine in the Capital District area. You must understand that by calling the state hotline or registering via the website to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, you may have to travel somewhere outside of Columbia County to receive it.

COVID-19 VACCINE FRAUD: New Yorkers who suspect fraud in the vaccine distribution process can now call 833-VAX-SCAM (833-829-7226) toll-free or email the state Department of Health at

You can also check with local Pharmacies for vaccine appointments!

Please check with your local Pharmacy about eligibility and available appointments.

To check for pharmacies giving the vaccine in the Capital Region:
CVS Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Info.: or Appointment Hotline 800-746-7287
ShopRite Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Info.:
Walgreens Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Info.:


NYS Dashboard:
CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Info.:
Media Releases from the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors:
NY ALERT COVID-19 Vaccine Information:
PDF – COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet:


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