For Immediate Release-Columbia County Overdose Dashboard

For Immediate Release:
October 7, 2022

In most recent data analysis (2016-18) Columbia County had the Region’s 2nd highest opioid overdose mortality rate. Although this information is prior to the COVID-19 pandemic ”the situation has become worse,” said Kristy Frederick, RN, Community Outreach Liaison.

Local health officials have launched a new resource to give residents a better understanding of the situation. A public-facing dashboard will go live on Friday October 7th with data about opioid overdoses and overdose deaths. The goal of the dashboard is to ensure that Columbia County residents understand the threat that opioid drugs pose in our community and recognize that overdoses and overdose deaths affect a wide range of ages, people of any gender identity, and all racial and ethnic groups. The dashboard provides information about overdoses broken down by age, gender, and suspected drug. It will be updated every other week.

The data comes from OD Maps, a software that’s been in use in Columbia County since 2018 that allows first responders to submit basic information when they respond to an overdose. The purpose of which is to identify spikes in overdose numbers in real time. This allows first responders and health and human services agencies to mobilize additional resources to respond to increases in overdoses.

Important to note, the data in the dashboard reflects only the number of known overdoses in Columbia County. The overdoses occurring in private residences with narcan (opioid overdose reversal medication) administered by a friend or family member, but not reported, would not be captured.

The Columbia County Opioid Overdose Dashboard can be found on the Columbia County Department of Health website.

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