August 4, 2020 For Immediate Release GOLF OUTINGS TIED TO OUTBREAK

August 4, 2020

For Immediate Release


On Monday, Columbia County Department of Health Director Jack Mabb announced that currently 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county can be traced to two July golf outings.

The golf outings in question were held July 10-11 and July 24. Neither was an organized tournament event and neither golf course was located in Columbia County. To date, the widespread outbreak has affected four retail outlets and the DOH also reports that there are positive cases in two private daycare settings within the county.

It is emphasized by Director Mabb that anyone who was there, or has had contact with any of the confirmed positive cases, would have been contacted by the county Department of Health by now through the contact tracing program and advised if quarantine measures needed to be implemented. As of Tuesday morning, many of the 102 people currently under mandatory quarantine in the county are connected to the golf outing outbreak.

The 15 confirmed cases did not necessarily result from playing golf together, but more likely from not wearing face masks and not observing proper social distancing, said Director Mabb.

“In the world of COVID-19, golf, as a game played outdoors, places you at very low risk of contracting the virus. The likely spread of the virus in this case came from people not wearing a mask and not social distancing when done playing. This outbreak is the likely result of a group of friends getting together and not doing what they should have done when off the course,” he added.

Director Mabb further noted that social media rumors that there are 14 confirmed positive cases of the virus at a local retail store are “untrue as far as we know at this time. There is one confirmed case, although as its employees get tested, there may wind up being more. Those who are concerned about shopping in the store should feel safe to continue, provided they wear a mask and social distance when in the store. People should not necessarily trust what they read on social media.”